We created Tuvalu, named for a country in the Polynesian subregion of Oceania that consists of 9 tiny islands.Tuvaluan mythology tells a creation story, that te Pusi mo te Ali(the Eel and the Flounder) created the islands of Tuvalu;te Ali(the flounder), the flat atolls of Tuvalu and te Pusi(the eel), the coconut palms so important in the lives of Tuvaluans. Our design of crisscrossing sinuous shapes reminds us of this myth of te Pusi & te Ali gliding through the ocean creating ripples around their creations

Design Name: Tuvalu-#E1140
Fabric: Linen/Cotton
Fabric Color: Oyster
Print Color: Oasis
Width: 46.5"( 118.1 cm)
Repeat: 18"( 45.7 cm)
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